An excellent article on innovation in the public sector albeit with some reality added in.  Requirements are increasing, as is the need for next generation solutions across the board.  In the public sector many CIOs, administrators and IT managers are intensely motivated to implement new technologies and truly want to improve their respective organizations.  However, as they modernize their infrastructures, they are under many constraints.  An interesting quote from the article, “implementation of these new technologies must take place within constraints posed by methodical procurement practices, meticulous security documentation, sometimes archaic network policies and more”.  It is all correct, except I disagree with the term archaic when it comes to network policies.  In the public sector the consequences for a breach or a loss of service may be more severe and far reaching than is generally understood.  Sometimes lives may be at stake.  Obviously, it depends on the organization.  In others cases an entire adult lifetime of work may be extinguished through derogatory reports.  With that said, the article does give a good overview of the considerations necessary for network modernization within the public sector.