Project Management

Earned Value Management

Aimed at optimizing performance, CMDSS’ approach to Earned Value Management delivers quality metrics, measuring actual project performance based on objective parameters.  Some basic questions we aim to answer include whether the project is on scope, on time, and on budget.  In order to track these data points, we meticulously map out the project requirements and work with our customers to determine what brings them the most value.  With this information in hand, we deliver easy-to-read reporting in our format or a format of our customer’s choosing to provide maximum transparency on the project.


Schedule Management

A key aspect to tracking a project’s status is through the schedule.  On many projects, a Master Scheduler is responsible for tracking all deliverables.  We use a variety of industry-leading tools to carry this out.  Our guiding principles are consistency and accuracy – track the project down to the smallest requirement and map out how it will be accomplished.  This provides an easy at-a-glance look at whether the project is on time.


Risk Management

CMDSS’ approach to Risk Management includes an initial discussion with our customers on the project.  We bring decades of experience in Risk Management, but we want to hear from our customers to determine what risks are more acceptable than others.  With an aim at preventing the most critical disasters, we prioritize risks based on our experience and customer knowledge to map out all the conceivable events which could disrupt our customers’ missions.


Process Improvement (Lean Six Sigma)

Over time, all business processes must be re-evaluated.  What made since in the 2000s may not make sense in the present day, due to a variety of circumstances including new technology, a new division of labor in the enterprise, tightened or loosened regulations, and more.  Analyzing these processes allows us to make recommendations for improvement to our customers.


Business Modeling

Linked to Process Improvement, Business Modeling aims to lay out the flow of an organization’s business processes.  Having all of the steps and inputs required for a project, it may be easier to see which steps can be consolidated, which can be done more efficiently, and determine the usefulness of previously required inputs.  It is vital that business processes are laid out in a way that is easy for everyone to understand, so CMDSS works closely with our customers to get a more complete grasp of how their organization works.