Cyber Security



Requirements Management

IT Systems are often aimed at providing a convenient and easy user experience for the end user.  It is the role of Cyber Security Requirements Management to determine what the Cyber Security requirements are, which then allow or disallow various features of the IT Systems.  The aim of this Requirements Management process is to ensure information contained in the Information System is protected both when it is in storage and when transmitted over secure networks.  The Requirements Management process identifies the needs of the Information System and determines what measures are necessary to protect this data.


Security Engineering

Bringing decades of experience, our certified engineers employ industry-leading practices on day one.  Through a combination of testing, security checks, and adherence to industry quality standards, we are able to integrate new technology securely.


Quality Assurance

Throughout the engineering process, CMDSS employs quality assurance aimed at reducing the vulnerabilities.  For example, any code written for for the Information System must be of good quality.  Any defects in the code could lead to a vulnerability.  Our aim is to produce code which functions as intended through the use of Quality Assurance processes rooted in decades of industry experience.